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2. Operation Search light
3. Muldhara 71 by Mueeydul Hasan: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI, Appendix I, Appendix II

4. Killing Spree in the Dark Night of 1975
5. 500 blasts rock Bangladesh. Jamatul Mujahedin calls for Islamic Revolution. 17 Aug 2005.
6. The dark chapters of 15 August 1975 by Musa Sadik: I, II, III, IV


In Bangla Mukta means 'open', 'free', 'unfettered', 'unbridled' 'unbiased' or 'uninhibited' and the word Dhara means 'stream', 'beam' or 'ray'. In this context the word Mukta is used to denote 'free thinking" or free stream of thoughts, " not in harmony with" or " a break away with" convention or tradition (post 1975 militarism, Islamic (Arabic) cultural / philosophical / ideological domination). 

So by definition this site is committed to promote pluralist, eclectic, non-conformist or even iconoclastic thoughts and ideas. Muktadhara also believes in, through open discussion and dialogue, the prospect of gradual secularization of predominantly Islamic (Arabic) culture of Bangladeshi society. Hence comes the futuristic word Dhara. Muktadhara encourages to foster a critical attitude to life. The content of Muktadhara is thus a critique of Bangla culture and society.

The title of this site Muktadhara is borrowed from our great apollonian poet, Rabindranath Tagore.
The logo of Muktadhara site " Liberty is Practice" is borrowed from Michel Foucault, 20th century French  philosopher and critique.
The site is designed and illustrated by Webmaster. The home page and the graphics are her copyright.
The motifs, images and photos are borrowed from the  national repertoire.
The textual content of the site is presented by the Muktadhara Editor (items borrowed are duly acknowledged) and is responsible for the ensuing reactions or responses, appreciation or criticism. 

for any comments, critique, suggestion or advise please contact Muktadhara Editor